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Call for Green Projects 2017-06-21T12:58:14+00:00

2016 Sustainability Summit Call for Green Projects

Project Deadline: October 7 2016.

You have heard the talk, now it’s time to get engaged. The Louisville Sustainability Council and the Louisville Metro Office of Sustainability are looking to feature a few well planned, green projects to move us toward a bright future.

Non-profits, community groups and individuals with sustainability projects underway or energized to launch are encouraged to apply. Applicants should crave the spotlight at the upcoming 2016 Louisville Sustainability Summit on October 29, 2016. Winners will showcase their project to up to 300 of our city’s best and brightest at the event.

Examples of projects that could be submitted:

  • A tree planting program
  • Bus stop improvement project
  • Targeted environmental justice campaign
  • Launching a volunteer effort to remove unnecessary pavement (known as “depave”)

Apply today! If your project is selected, bring your A-game to the Sustainability Summit and you’ll leave with new passionate supporters. All summit attendees will be asked to participate in at least one of the featured projects.

Application Process

To be considered, please complete the questionnaire below. Submissions will be reviewed by the Louisville Sustainability Council and the Office of Sustainability. Individuals and organizations may submit more than one project. We seek to have diverse and inclusive community representation. People of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Entries are not saved until they are submitted. We recommend saving your text in a separate document in case there is a connection problem when you submit. You may also email your submission responses to Louisville Sustainability Council.

Click Here to fill out form.

Call for Green Projects Criteria

  • Projects need to align with Mayor Fischer’s goal to create a more sustainable Louisville and with the mission and vision of the Louisville Sustainability Council.
  • Submissions should exemplify the definition of sustainability, “meeting today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland Commission, 1987).
  • Only projects that promote and prioritize the social, economic and/or environment facets of the Louisville community will be accepted.
  • Project outcomes must be targeted to occur in Metro Louisville and demonstrate a clear ability for community participation.
  • Project submissions must clearly articulate a specific need for volunteers.
  • The potential impact of the project will be a key criterion for evaluation.
  • Submitters must demonstrate project management capacity (e.g., ability to manage volunteers, project management skills) and have secured resources to execute the project.
  • Projects should be underway or be active by November 1, 2016. Projects and programs already in existence will be given priority.
  • All questions must be answered in full for consideration.
  • The organizers reserve the sole right to accept or reject any and all submissions.

Call for Green Projects Benefits

Selected projects will receive the opportunity to present at the event, two free passes to the event, access to skilled volunteers, a half page description in the event program, space on the Louisville Sustainability Council website for six months and inclusion in the Office of Sustainability and Louisville Sustainability Council’s E-Newsletters. No funding is available for selected projects.

Call for Green Projects Timeline

  • Applications due October 7, 2016
  • Project selection notification by October 14, 2016
  • LSC Summit: Project Showcase – October 29, 2016

Call for Green Projects Questions?

Contact:  Louisville Sustainability Council