Return On Investment

18c26a_23282467f09c43fb907b410b11b9a7e4.jpg_srz_p_1042_498_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Factors that go into determining the return on your investment and the initial cost of solar can be estimated with our Solar Calculator at:

This easy solar calculator can estimate your system size, system costs, expected cost-savings, available incentives, tax credits and more.

  • Enter your zip code, utility, and average electric bill to find out:
  • What size solar system you need
  • How much power you will produce
  • How much solar panels cost
  • What rebates are available
  • How many square feet of roof space you will likely need
  • Your returns and payback period
  • Qualified solar installers in your area

Calculating Solar Costs

Calculating solar costs is best completed with a trained local professional but a solar estimate can be started with this easy solar calculator, which will estimate system size, system costs, expected cost-savings, available incentives and tax credits, more.

Trade, Professional, and Nonprofit Organizations can provide solar cost calculations.

Tax Credits & SRECs

Solar incentives and financing can come from many sources depending on your particular project.

The Solar Over Louisville campaign seeks to promote the available $500 residential Kentucky state tax credit and the $1,000 commercial federal tax credit that will help homeowners and businesses consider the opportunities solar power generation presents among various other opportunities.

Financing Your System

Financing your solar system is easier than ever.  When loans are able to be acquired the Solar Over Louisville campaign seeks to build systems where the payment on the note is less expensive than your current monthly electrical bill.

Once the loan is paid off, which in some instances is less than 10 years, the financial benefit is repeated throughout the life of the system.