Calculating Solar Costs

afdb5a_6bb9f98a35084915a494fceff061d9fb.png_srz_p_217_183_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Calculating solar costs is best completed with a trained local professional.  In the meantime, a solar estimate can be started with this easy solar calculator, which will estimate system size, system costs, expected cost-savings, available incentives and tax credits, more.  Enter your zip code, utility, and average electric bill to find out:

  • What size solar system you need
  • How much power you will produce
  • How much solar panels cost
  • What rebates are available
  • How many square feet of roof space you will likely need
  • Your returns and payback period
  • Qualified solar installers in your area

Organizations & Trade Professionals

Trade, Professional, and Nonprofit Organizations can provide solar cost calculations.