2 MW Solar Challenge Summary

The Louisville Sustainability Council launched its Solar Over Louisville Project in early March 2016 with a goal to facilitate installation of 2 million watts of solar in Louisville by the end of 2016.   Investing in solar energy creates local jobs, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, boosts air and water quality, and improves public health – all results that LSC is helping accomplish and consistent with objectives of Sustain Louisville and STAR Communities.

Great strides were made through the dedication, hard work and countless hours of our Solar Over Louisville volunteers and advocates.  Numerous education and outreach events were hosted throughout the community.  Through collaborative working relationships with the Metro Office of Sustainability and many community sustainability leaders, ePad legislation was implemented and other barriers to solar installations were lessened or removed altogether.  Solar Over Louisville volunteers also worked in collaboration with LG&E to assist in mapping a path forward to growing renewable energy and sustainability in Metro Louisville and surrounding areas.

The Solar Over Louisville team estimates that approximately 700,350 watts of solar power was expected to be installed by the end of 2016 and 3,900,000 installed by LG&E for use by its customers.  Renewable energy is alive and growing in Metro Louisville as a key tool in our sustainability toolbox.

Louisville Sustainability Council is deeply appreciative and thankful of the great efforts and outcomes delivered by the Solar Over Louisville Project team and all of its many volunteers.  This project stands as a great example of the power of collective impact to drive meaningful outcomes that make our entire community more sustainable.  Special thanks and recognition to Councilman Bill Hollander and the other Metro Council members who contributed to the program, Amy Streible, Barbara Szubinska, Brian Zoeller, Carl Steinmetz, Colleen Crum, David Gomez, Elin Olson, Gary Watrous, Joan Lindop, Justin Carter, Lane Boldman, Louis Christopher, Mary Love, Nancy Givens, Nathan Schuler, Nick Johnson, Paul Brooks, Steve Ricketts, Tim Darst, Trent Winlock, and Wallace McMullen.

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