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LSC Transportation Action Team

About Our Action Team

The Transportation Action Team of Louisville Sustainability Council is an open, inclusive group consisting of concerned individuals and representatives of businesses, government agencies, and non-profit advocacy groups that share an interest in developing sustainable transportation in the greater Louisville region.

Update: The LSC Transportation Action Team is on hiatus for the summer of 2016. Contact with any questions.


We have begun our work together, under the collective impact model, by reaching consensus on this Vision statement:

We envision a transportation system for greater Louisville that:

  • provides efficient, safe, and affordable mobility options for all,
  • enables efficient and rapid transport of goods, services, and information and,
  • minimizes the social and ecological costs of transportation


  • Team contact sheet and meeting notes (team member access only)
  • Trends in Freight: Jamie Fiepke, Executive Director of the Kentucky Motor Transport Association, speaking on the role and impact of motor freight in our area. Click here to view the presentation.
  • Bicycle Planning: Dirk Gowin, PE, from Louisville Metro Department of Public Works’s Bike Louisville, speaking on Improving Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation in Louisville Metro. Click here to view the presentation.
  • Transportation Planning: Most of the roads, bridges, sidewalks, trails, paths, and public transit services in our region are built and maintained with a combination of local, state, and federal funding. Local city and county officials work with state and federal officials in a transportation planning process coordinated by KIPDA (Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency). To learn more about KIPDA’s transportation planning process, including how funds are allocated among proposed projects, click here.
    • Get involved!: KIPDA seeks public comment on the Draft Horizon 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the Draft Transportation Improvement Program for 2015-2018. Click here for more information or to make a comment.
  • Social and Economic Justice Impacts of Local Transportation Policy: The following report provides data-based insights into the costs of transportation, in time and money, to low-income residents of our region. It sheds light on how our transportation decisions affect the region’s economic well-being and the ability of low-income households to meet their needs for housing, education, and employment. State of Metropolitan Housing Report, 2007
  • A Transportation Vision for Louisville’s Future: Move Louisville: Through the Vision Louisville process, Mayor Greg Fischer’s team gathered tens of thousands of citizen suggestions for how our city should look, feel, and function in 25 years. To follow up on the many suggestions for improved transportation, Mayor Fischer initiated Move Louisville to receive, evaluate, and weave together specific ideas from the public about how to make our streets, transit, bicycling facilities, sidewalks, and bridges contribute to the quality of life that we want for our city. Three rounds of public workshops have taken place and the consulting team is working to evaluate the suggested transportation projects. The next phase of Move Louisville will involve citizens and public agencies setting priorities for the suggested projects based in part on the scores from the consultants’ evaluation.

Team Projects

Job Access and Commute Patterns in Louisville’s Central Business District

  • Phase 1: Data collection: Research and evaluate current commuter patterns of workers in Downtown Louisville. (Spring 2015)
  • Phase 2: Develop project scope
  • Phase 3: Launch Project

Upcoming Events

Please see the LSC Events calendar for information on upcoming meetings.

Events Calendar:  Link

Team Meetings

We currently meet on the 3rd Friday of each month, from 9:30AM – 11:00 AM.  Please join us! Each meeting includes an educational presentation by an authority on some aspect of transportation policy, engineering, business, and planning.

TARC’s Union Station (Board Room)
1000 W. Broadway. 10th street, rear entrance.
Second floor board room.

Email:  LSC Community Engagement Action Team