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About LSC

The LSC envisions Louisville Kentucky being recognized as one of the top ten sustainable metro areas in the nation by 2025.

LSC Background

The Louisville Sustainability Council (LSC) was formed in 2012, based on the work and recommendations of the Leadership Louisville Bingham Fellows Class of 2010, to position Louisville as a green leader. The LSC Board of Directors represents the Bingham Fellows Class of 2010 and professionals from a cross-section of Louisville’s business, public and nonprofit community.  The Louisville Sustainability Council works collaboratively with Metro Louisville’s Office of Sustainability as a robust community engagement partner. The LSC is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

LSC Programs

Green Drinks Loiuisville Medium

Join Green Drinks Louisville the 3rd Wednesday of each month for casual green networking in Louisville, KY.

STAR Communities Medium Cover

LSC is the city’s community partner in the journey to STAR Community ratings and certification. For the first time, Louisville, KY has a certified sustainability rating for comparison to communities across the nation and to benchmark our progress towards community-scale sustainability goals. STAR provides a common language and framework to identify strengths and weaknesses, best practices in how to improve, and benchmark our progress along the way. Our detailed public STAR results provide information about the activities taking place in our community and the achievement of metrics-based outcomes.

LSC Action Teams consist of people who, as representatives of key organizations, are able to help make measurable change at the community outcome level.  The LSC uses the collective impact model to connect stakeholders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to work together to achieve common goals.   The LSC serves as a backbone organization to bring people together through the Action Teams to create initiatives towards achieving a common vision.

Sustainability Summit Medium

The LSC co-hosts an annual Sustainability Summit to bring the community together around a key topic.

Mission & Aspirational Goals

The Louisville Sustainability Council brings together individuals, nonprofits, governments, educational institutions, and businesses to collaborate with the community to facilitate the achievement of Louisville’s sustainability goals.

Air Quality: Maintain air quality that exceeds the National Ambient Air Quality Standards

Buildings: Reduce the total energy and water consumption by the built environment by 25%

Living Systems: Increase the area of green cover in the metro by 10%

Material Recovery: Divert 50% of solid waste from the landfill

Neighborhoods and Mobility: Decrease transportation related greenhouse gas emissions by 20%

Renewable Energy: Increase amount of energy from renewable sources to 10% of total generated

Water: Protect, enhance and celebrate waterways by exceeding national quality standards

Our Values

  • We trust in positive intentions and believe that everyone has something to contribute in building a more sustainable Louisville.
  • We seek out, unite and empower individuals with passion for our environment, our health and sustainable development of our vibrant community.
  • We share a belief that collaboration between corporations, non-profits, public agencies and citizens will drive Outcomes instead of activity.
  • We believe that knowledge is built on a foundation of innovation and data to actively promote transparent, healthy debate with healthy decisions.
  • We imagine the future, and work-future-back with positive energy to set out a path to make it happen.
  • We recognize, appreciate and celebrate all who join us on the journey.
LSC Members Planting A Tree

LSC Highlights

LSC in 2016

Our LSC Team Inspecting A Planted Tree
  • Launched Solar Over Louisville, which exceeded its goal of 2MW of installed solar power in 2016.
  • Successfully held the 3rd annual Sustainability Summit: It Takes A Ville, at Bellarmine University.
  • Incorporated the Green Convene, a founding organization of the LSC, as a project of the LSC, further integrating the local sustainability community into one cohesive effort.

LSC in 2015

  • Co-hosted the 2015 Sustainability Summit: Improving Our Air Quality. The 2015 Sustainability Summit gathered over 225 community members representing over 100 organizations to learn about the deep interconnections between the health of our air and human health, and begin to elevate short and long term efforts that collectively can improve air quality.
  • LSC and the Metro Office of Sustainability held a joint press conference with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to announce Louisville’s achievement of recognition for national excellence as a certified 4-STAR Community, via STAR Communities for bench-marked comparison to other communities across the nation.
  • Hosted monthly meetings of 5 action teams working on: Green Economy, Transportation, Trees, Green Building & Infrastructure, and Community Engagement.
  • Hosted an action team meet-up of the five action teams.

LSC in 2014

  • Co-hosted the city’s first Sustainability Summit, in partnership with the Metro Office of Sustainability and the Louisville Zoo.
  • Hosted monthly meetings of 5 action teams working on: Green Economy, Transportation, Trees, Green Building & Infrastructure, and Community Engagement.
  • Hosted an action team meet-up of the five action teams
A Wonder LSC Volunteer Transporting A Tree