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“Your Realtors For Life”

For us, this statement goes far beyond buying and selling homes. We have built our company around the following mission statement:

“To live the philosophy of “Realtor for Life”, to deliver it with care and respect for our clients and to achieve results beyond the ordinary—while maintaining a personal and professional balance in life.”

“For Life” also means supporting the environment so that future generations will be able to enjoy the wonders we see and maybe a few more! We feel a corporate responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment directly and by modeling and inspiring our clients and agents to participate through actions that make sense to them.

Community electronics recycling

Community electronics recycling

At Parker & Klein, we have three main goals in the area of sustainability:

1. To reduce the impact on the environment while maintaining a high level of customer service.
2. To increase sustainable actions in our office environment and physical building.
3. To work in the community by spreading the word about local efforts and by working side by side with groups and organizations in actualizing those efforts.

These are not easy goals to achieve and we are committed to take as much time as needed to achieve each one. To date we have taken the following actions:

Goal 1 – Reduce our impact on the environment while maintaining a high level of customer service:

Paperless transactions & signing system and electronic document archives
o We have reduced our paper and ink by over 70% so far with more to go. Goal 90%!
o Less energy used during each transaction: less driving, printing, electricity

Community paper shredding and recycling

Community paper shredding and recycling

Support and host events that are earth friendly to inspire our clients, friends and agents
o Shredding and electronics recycling office event- getting materials out of the landfills
o Buy Local Fair- encouraging local purchases which reduce impact on environment
o Waterfront Wednesdays- exposing clients to our great lawn & the outdoors

- Offering recycling bins (oversized), composting barrels or LED lights to clients after closing

Goal 2 – To increase sustainable actions in our office environment and physical building

- Inside Our Building
o Replace office lighting with LED
o Recycle with extra care as much material from the office as possible
o No plastics- Reusable ceramic cups, glasses, bowls and silverware
o Cloth hand towels instead of paper in the restroom
o Turn off all lights and lower HVAC when out of the office

- Outside of our Building
o Grass cutting every two weeks, not one
o Shade trees to lower energy use
o Window screens so we can open windows in hip seasons
o Combining trips/errands together to lower gas use

Goal 3 – To work in the community by spreading the word about local efforts and by working side by side with groups and organizations in actualizing those efforts.

Operation Brightside – We (and a team of residents) walk the neighborhood quarterly to monitor litter in our area and report data to Operation Brightside’s One Bright City program.
Greening the MLS Task force- We helped to get green fields added to our MLS system so eco-friendly buyers and sellers can search by green criteria and find the house that supports their values and actions.
Louisville Sustainability Council Community Engagement Action Team- We support and are active in the through the LSC group
Louisville Independent Business Association (LIBA) – We serve on the board.
Buying local – We choose to buy local whenever possible, even if it costs a little more.

As far as we have come and as much as we have changed our actions and choices, there is room for improvement! Parker & Klein is always looking for new ways to fulfill our goals and to bring as many of our friends, business associates and clients along with us as possible. Seeing the change and understanding the benefits pushes us on to new projects and goals.

Go Bats!

A new action and area of focus for 2017:

We are in the process of having all of our agents obtain the EcoBroker or GREEN designations by the end 2017. This is a deep and intensive training course that covers the areas of green construction, environmental impact issues and how to market and sell green features. We want our agents to be knowledgeable in speaking with their clients about actions they can take, construction materials to choose and how little cost there is in making the choice toward energy efficiency.

Our hope is that our momentum toward greening will catch others and bring them along too. We look forward to seeing you at one of our (or your!) events soon- find us on Facebook or at our webpage ParkerandKlein.com and let us in on what you are doing – we learn and grow from your efforts.

Why we’re a member of the Louisville Sustainability Council

Being a member of LSC is important to us and our dues are well spent. By being a paying member, we are a call or email away from other like-minded people and this helps create a synergy across the city. The LSC work groups offer us direct involvement on a scale we can handle and the Enewsletter keeps us informed along the way. LSC has close relationships with key leaders as well as Metro Government so we think our efforts are backed by the right muscle and connections to see them through. It all comes down to support and our dollars are well placed with LSC.