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When one thinks about sustainable health and optimal aging one automatically looks to diet, exercise and good medical care. While these are indeed important, many times what is missing cannot be seen, heard or easily identified.Institure Healthy Aging 1

The environment, especially air quality, plays a critical role in the lives and health of older adults and is a key ingredient in achieving sustainable health and optimal aging. Environmental exposure has been shown to exacerbate heart ailments, pulmonary diseases, and cancer, which are the leading causes of death. Certain pollutants have also been suspected to accelerate aging bythe creation of free radicals that have a damaging effect on health. Older adults may also be at greater risk of handling negative environmental exposure because of having lower or compromised energy reserves. Many older adults were also exposed to toxic chemicals that were formerly not regulated. This compounded negative exposure could affect the ability to absorb, distribute, metabolize and excrete toxic compounds over time.

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The mission of the Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging is to empower older adults to flourish by building collaborative community networks of research, practice, innovation and education. We realize that until adverse environmental exposure is resolved, sustainable health and optimal aging will never be achieved. The main goals of the Institute are to serve our aging community and to join our community partners in addressing environmental risk, decisions and actions that affect sustainable health and optimal aging.

We joined the Louisville Sustainability Council because of its commitment to leading the dialogue about our environment to improve the quality of life of our community and facilitate the achievement of Louisville’s sustainability goals. We believe that this partnership is crucial in helping our community, especially our older adults, achieve sustainable health and optimal aging.

Visit us at http://louisville.edu/aging