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Why is Louisville Metro Government (LMG) seeking a new location for the LMPD impound lot?

LMG is interested in identifying potential alternative locations for the lot to meet current and future towing and storage demands, to incorporate environmental best management practices in the lot’s design and operation, to improve operational efficiency for employees and the public, and to provide a more functional workplace for staff based at the lot.

What will be discussed at the meetings?

LMG will share a short history of the impound lot, information about its management and environmental status, and requirements for a new location. There will be an opportunity for suggestions on potential sites and novel solutions for managing the operational and locational needs for the lot. A Request for Information (RFI) was released seeking suggestions from property owners on potential sites. The Request for Information can be found at:

Public input can be made in-person at a public meeting or through an on-line comment portal at:

Located for decades at 1478 Frankfort Ave. in Butchertown, the impound lot is the main temporary storage area for motor vehicles that have been impounded by LMPD and other agencies, and is a longer-term storage area for motor vehicles being held as evidence in a legal proceeding. Although technical capacity is 1,800 vehicles, the lot frequently stores in excess of 2,000 vehicles.

Louisville Metro Government will close the Request for Information on March 15, 2018. Proposed locations will be evaluated based on their ability to meet operational and locational needs for the impound lot, as well as on their potential cost. If a suitable location is identified, funding for the relocation of the impound lot will be sought in upcoming fiscal years.

For more information, contact Allison Smith at or 502-574-1569