LSC Action Teams

Individual members and representatives of organizations are invited to participate in LSC Action Teams.  Our teams bring together people who share an interest in a particular environmental topic to implement strategies to promote sustainability and develop our action community.

The LSC uses the collective impact model to connect stakeholders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to work together to achieve common goals.  The video clip above explains Collect Impact.  The LSC serves as a backbone organization to bring people together through the Action Teams to create initiatives towards achieving a common vision.

Join a Team!

Teams are free to join and open to all individuals and organizations.  Team members vary from  concerned citizens to people representing organizations, government agencies, or private companies.  For more information click on the  team links below.  Additional teams may be supported in the future as needed.

  • Community Engagement – Engaging the community via monthly Green Drinks networking events and quarterly tabling at events
  • Green Building & Infrastructure - Incorporating sustainability into comprehensive land use planning
  • Green Economy – Launching Solar Over Louisville – installing 2 million watts of solar by the end of 2016, and other projects.
  • Transportation - Developing a program to increase multi-modal commuting to downtown Louisville
  • Tree Canopy Developing a community-wide education and outreach campaign


The LSC can participate in your event!

CLICK HERE to submit a request for the LSC Community Engagement Action Team to table, speak, or otherwise engage with your efforts. We look forward to seeing you!

Assistance from the LSC Communications Committee

CLICK HERE to submit a request for assistance from the LSC Communications Committee.  You may request assistance with graphics, print materials, strategy development, or other communication needs. Only LSC Action Teams may request assistance.