Support Solar Over Louisville on September 15th with Give Local Louisville

On September 15, 2016 the Louisville Sustainability Council (LSC) is participating in Give Local Louisville, a 24-hour online giving day created to inspire people to give generously to the nonprofits that make our community a better place to live.

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Your donations will support the Louisville Sustainability Council’s mission to make Louisville a leader in sustainability.  This year most of the funds raised for the LSC through Give Local Louisville will directly support our Solar Over Louisville campaign.

The mission of Solar Over Louisville is to promote the use of solar energy in Louisville through education and advocacy. It seeks to make Louisville a leading city in solar policies, applications, and installations.

You can donate at any time on September 15th by going to the following link:

As a direct result of the community interest in solar reflected in the LSC’s Green Economy Action Team, the LSC formed Solar Over Louisville. Solar Over Louisville was formed to address a simple question: Why is solar so difficult for Louisville residents?

Imagine the process today for a typical Louisville resident that wants to see if solar is right for them.  They have to wade through confusing technical information, follow a confusing and contradictory permitting process, and absorb soft costs that make solar more expensive.

Compare this to a typical German resident, where solar is 3x more cost effective and typically takes half the time to install.  Given that Kentucky actually has more solar resource available than Germany, the only difference between the two is policy and transparent information.  SOL seeks to make Louisville a leader in using the resources that we already have in a cost-effective way.

Solar soft costs breakdownThe image above shows the national average “soft costs” breakdown of solar energy. Louisville’s cumbersome permitting process, lack of solar workforce development programs, and limited customer education drive up the cost of solar systems. SOL aims to reduce these costs through policy advocacy and market improvements.  

SOL envisions a Louisville where solar is a viable and cost-effective option for every resident.  We work to enable an efficient solar marketplace through smart policy and easily-accessible information for Louisville residents.

Help the LSC and SOL to turn Louisville from a solar laggard to a solar leader! Your donation to LSC and SOL will support our solar workshops, community education programs, and much more!

Solar Over Louisville


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