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Job Announcement: Solar Over Louisville Program Manager – closes 1/8

Solar installation_Earthwell Energy ManagementThis is a part-time contract position for the Solar Over Louisville (SOL) campaign in Louisville KY, which is a program of the Louisville Sustainability Council.

Duration of contract work is expected to be six months, but may be longer if additional funding is obtained.  Responsibilities listed are larger than what can be accomplished in a part-time position, so prioritizing will be done in collaboration with the SOL Planning Team.

Solar Over Louisville Program Manager


Description:  The Program Manager will manage the implementation of the Solar Over Louisville (SOL) campaign, which is a city-wide initiative, under the supervision of the SOL Planning Team and broad oversight of the Louisville Sustainability Council (LSC).  Responsibility areas will include the implementation of program goals; community and agency education and outreach; building partnerships with local government, business, education, and community agencies; planning, scheduling, and holding a regular series of events, including workshops, tours, and trainings; working to identify and pursue fundraising activities in partnership with the LSC and the SOL Planning Team; promoting the program and developing positive public relations; community and media relations and outreach; and program administration.


Minimum: Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in an energy, environment, or sustainable development field, with prior experience working with a government, business, education, or nonprofit agency desired. Demonstrated skills in program management and administration, including goal setting and financial tracking; working with teams and independently; organizing and prioritizing tasks; oral and written communications including presentations; fundraising activities; media outreach and community relations; partnership building across sectors; events planning and implementation; preparing effective publications and reports; monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on progress, recommending mid-course adjustments; and supervising volunteers.

All applicants must have the following:

  • Ability to work closely with the SOL Planning Team, and the SOL Advisory Community Outreach Council to plan and implement defined program goals and objectives
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks and complex  projects
  • Excellent knowledge of solar energy, other energy, and sustainability issues
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences
  • Community outreach and partnerships-building skills
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively both as a team member and independently
  • Self-initiative and motivation
  • Public relations, presentations, publications, and effective messaging skills
  • Program administration skills including the ability to monitor and report on progress toward goals, and to monitor and report on budget expenses and needs
  • Familiarity with word processing, spreadsheets, WordPress, and basic webpage and publications design

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in related discipline
  • Strategic planning, visioning, and goal setting skills
  • 3 years experience in related work
  • Ability to identify and write successful grants and participate in or lead other fundraising activities
  • Proficiency with database and social media applications
  • Proficiency with website applications, graphics and software.


  • Work under the direction of the SOL Planning Team with related input from the Advisory Community Outreach Council and the LSC Board and Executive Director to oversee the implementation of the vision, strategic plan, goals and objectives for the SOL campaign.  (Tasks will be prioritized by the SOL Planning Team; all the desired goals and objectives cannot be achieved with the initial level of funded activity).
  • Manage and oversee the implementation of the SOL campaign’s community and professional education and outreach goals, including but not limited to scheduling regular events for the public and partner groups, creating education and outreach publications, fielding inquiries, and electronic outreach.  Publicize the regular series of community and professional education events and media outreach activities.
  • Build strategic partnerships with government, business, education, stakeholders, and community agencies to foster broad support, engage the community, and facilitate success in achieving program goals.
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of a dynamic public relations, communications, and outreach plan for the SOL community-wide initiative which will represent the SOL campaign to the public and program partners through presentations, community education events participation, press releases and writing occasional letters to the editor. Build public enthusiasm for SOL through implementing the SOL campaign’s media outreach and public education goals.  Implementing the communications, and outreach plan may include developing a network of responsive press contacts, and working with media contacts to provide information for in-depth coverage of campaign related issues.
  • Support and promote related events by partner groups that help to further program goals
  • Track and help publicize related events arranged by other groups – presentations, workshops, tours, trainings, and other events.
  • Collaborate with the SOL Planning Team on fundraising when the opportunity arises; participate in or lead fundraising activities; and administer funded grants.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on program accomplishments including but not limited to creating and administering evaluations at all SOL events; documenting and evaluating program event effectiveness for the SOL Planning Team with such evaluations.
  • Create and operate a database system to keep a record of all SOL program contacts, partners, events, photos, and press releases, to be used in program promotions and reporting and monitoring activities.
  • Represent the SOL campaign at SOL Planning Team meetings and Advisory Community Outreach Council meetings.
  • Take photos and maintain a photographic record of SOL events; use photos liberally to document and publicize SOL events – on the web site, with the media, in publications.
  • Perform other SOL related duties as needed.

Rate of pay for services will commensurate with the level of experience of the applicant.  All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply including women, minorities, persons with disabilities, and disabled veterans.

This position will begin at a level of 20 hours per week on the prioritized tasks.

How To Apply
Submit cover letter and a resume by COB January 8, 2016 to

About the Louisville Sustainability Council

The Louisville Sustainability Council (LSC) promotes a healthy environment, a strong economy, and the well-being of the people living in Louisville, Kentucky. The LSC’s mission is to engage and collaborate with the community to facilitate the achievement of Louisville’s sustainability goals. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the LSC relies on donor and member support. Connect with the LSC on Facebook and Twitter @EngageLSC, or visit our website at

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