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Support clean air and Solar Over Louisville through Give Local Louisville on October 1st!


Give Local Louisville

On October 1, 2015, the Louisville Sustainability Council will be participating in the annual Give Local Louisville to raise money for our organization — especially our new Solar Over Louisville campaign!

Please support Solar Over Louisville
by donating to the Louisville Sustainability Council online at on October 1st!

What is Give Local Louisville?

Give Local Louisville is a 24-hour online fundraising drive for nonprofits in the Louisville area. It’s hosted by the Community Foundation of Louisville, and through the contributions of supporting partners, all the money raised by nonprofits that day will be augmented by proportionate match dollars. This means that the more money supporters donate to LSC on October 1, the more extra money we’ll receive through the match pool!

What is Solar Over Louisville?

Solar Over Louisville is a new official program of the LSC, created by our Green Economy Action Team (GrEAT). The program has been in the works since early this year and is now ready to actively pursue its goal: installing two million watts of solar power in Louisville by the end of 2016.

To achieve this goal, Solar Over Louisville and the Louisville Sustainability Council need your help! Give Local Louisville is a chance to give Solar Over Louisville the early support it needs to really make a difference in the quality of air — and quality of life — in our city through the increased use of clean, sustainable solar energy.

Go to Give Local Louisville on October 1 to donate to Solar Over Louisville!


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