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Join us for “One Million Actions for Planet Earth”!



Join Louisville Sustainability Council partners as we support the Louisville Zoo in the “One Million Actions for Planet Earth,” a challenge to show our collective impact across Louisville and 5 other cities in the Ohio valley region from March 31st through April 20th.

This innovative program encourages you to share your sustainable activity on the myActions social platform in hopes that combined efforts from around the country will total one million actions by Earth Day 2014.

Each action you share can generate a small donation for the Louisville Zoo’s conservation causes while showing our community effort, and the impact of your individual actions.

Join the Louisville Sustainability Council, the city of Louisville, the University of Louisville, and others today and help Louisville make a big impact!

How to sign up: 
1. Go to
2. Sign up and choose your conservation cause
3. Share your first green action & earn donations for your cause

From there, its easy and fun: 
• Share what you are doing every day to help the planet and see the actions of our community making a real world impact
• myActions allows you to share photos, give feedback to others, and invite your friends & family to participate.
• Through social sharing, this movement hopes to activate and inspire positive sustainable behavior change, creating  long-term CO2 reduction and supporting the conservation efforts of zoos and aquariums.

Don’t miss out on being a part of this groundbreaking movement. Sign-up at

Thank you!






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